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Upbhokta Sanrakshan Samiti Sangaria was established on 4th January 1991 in Sangaria. It is a registered organization of Rajasthan and member of District Consumer Protection Council, situated at the tri junction of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan the township of Sangaria caters to nearly twenty-five surrounding small and big villages.


Aims and Objectives


To educate and unite the consumers regarding their rights and awareness of consumer laws and procedures. 
To protect the consumers against those products that can adversely affect life and property. 
To protect the consumers against the malafide trade practice by giving them the information about the products quality, quantity, capacity, purity, standard and price of products. 
To inform them of their rights of compensation and to put up their cases before the District, State or National forum if required. 
To make available the products to the consumers at alternate competitive prices. 
To protect the citizens fundamental rights, facilities, human rights, clean environment rights and appropriate health services. Those Government and Non-Government Acts which affects these citizens rights for the protection of them an appropriate suit, writ, appeal will be filed by the society in the appropriate court.                    More>>>>.


Future Aims and Projects


Consumer Redressal Cell: Providing free services to the consumers for various problems, complaints. Legal advice and action taken free of cost. 
Consumer Literacy and Orientation Cell: Orientation training programs for the consumers regarding their rights and unfair trade practices. 
Consumer Awareness Cell: Organizing exhibitions, seminar awareness programs for the benefit of consumers. 
Consumerist Education: Publication of various study materials, publication of a monthly paper Agrim Upbhokta, making available easily understandable material and information on rules.
To act as a protector of local issues and problems. To be vigilant on issues harming the consumers and to provide solution amicably.                                        More>>>>


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